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The goal of Metro Chess School (“Metro Chess”) is to promote educational opportunities for today’s youth through the use of chess instruction. We aim to make such opportunities widely available through high quality, low cost chess education for students K-9.

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Each class begins with a quick, fun, and informative lecture that introduces players and events from all over the world. Our experienced instructors are then able to assess what the students will need to learn next to continue their rapid chess development. The instruction is also paired with weekly chess workbook exercises that students can use to improve their skills at home.


We provide chess instruction in schools across the United States. Each class meets one hour a week for eight to sixteen weeks. Classes are priced as low as $15 per class which includes a chess workbook to supplement their progress. Our classroom provides a safe learning environment where every student can have fun while playing and studying chess.


The many benefits of learning chess have been documented and proven through the use of scientific studies. Students who study chess often improve in skills such as calculation, spatial reasoning, concentration, focus, planning, logic, and creativity.


class structure

The class begins with a 5-10 minute presentation of chess culture and history. Following that is 10-15 minutes of detailed chess instruction. The class finishes with guided practice games for 25-30 minutes with the instructor providing helpful tips and advice to each student.


Our instruction is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Beginner students are taught all of the rules and basics of chess. Intermediate students learn basic tactics, strategy, and effective calculation techniques. Advanced students are taught to solve complex tactical puzzles and are introduced to strategies for the middlegame and endgame.


  • "The class was great. I wanted to thank you for helping to sort everything out... I hope our students will be attending chess club for many sessions."

    - Director of Afterschool Programs, School in Georgia
  • "You all did a fantastic job of teaching my challenging students chess and I would recommend you to anyone who was seeking your services. The nature of our [special needs] kids is that they move from one “focused” activity to another to another and so on... [but] I bet a number of them will come back to it because of the joy you brought to them in playing this game."

    - Director of School, School in California
  • "We would be interested in continuing our chess sessions [for the school year]... What a successful program, the children love it!"

    - Head of School, School in Minnesota


1. What makes Metro Chess different than other programs?

Metro Chess offers chess education at the most affordable price with the highest quality level of instruction.

2. Are the instructors background checked?

Yes, our instructors are background checked.

3. Is your program insured?

Yes, we have general liability and professional liability insurance coverage.

4. What is the age range/skill level for classes?

The range is K-9 for levels beginner to advanced.

5. Are your instructors trained in "X"? (e.g. VIRTUS training)

Depending on your school needs, we will send someone with the appropriate training to your school.


  • "When my son started playing he was a complete beginner, now he is a rated chess player! "

    -Joyce Wong Kup, Parent
  • "Chess Director Dylan is wonderful at connecting with the children and creating learning opportunities. "

    -April Denne, Parent
  • "My son gained chess skills, had fun and became more confident through his experience with after school chess instruction."

    -Evie Clifford, Parent


Have a passion for both chess and teaching? Then join us!


  • Classroom Instructors - Do you have experience working with children? Are you a strong or avid chess player? Do you have a passion for teaching chess? Attach your resume and tell us a little about your chess experience when you apply.

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  • Assistant Program Director - Do you have strong managerial skills? Do you have experience working with school administrators? Are you passionate about playing or teaching chess? Attach your resume and tell us a little about your chess experience when you apply

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  • Interns - Are you a college student looking for real world experience? Are you passionate about chess and want to work with children? Are you looking for a program to fulfill your work study hours? Attach your resume and tell us a little about your chess experience when you apply.

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About us

Metro Chess School (“Metro Chess”) gives students the tools to succeed in life through learning the game of chess. We serve students in schools all over the United States. Metro Chess School is a brand of Metropolitan Chess, Inc. an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for chess players to learn, improve, and grow.

Dylan Quercia
Director of Scholastic Programs

Dylan Quercia is the Director of Scholastic Programs of Metropolitan Chess, Inc. He has been working with elementary and middle school aged students for over 10 years. He has been playing chess for over 20 years is currently ranked as an expert. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences. After college, he moved to Los Angeles with his wife. In Los Angeles, he worked for a major non-profit and built a chess program with over 4000 students a year. He has a goal to reach many more students and instill in them a love of the royal game!

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